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Biodiversity @ Rohan's Farm

Rohan’s Farm is ideally located to allow guests to enjoy all East Cork has to offer. East Cork has fantastic places for the nature enthusiast to visit, and within Rohan’s Farm we are working to protect and enhance notable biodiversity features too.

Old Hollow and Craggy Trees

On the farm we are lucky to have large old hollow-bearing trees with their deep craggy bark, crevices, and boles which come with age, these trees provide habitat for different plant and animal species which younger trees and artificial structures cannot replace. Large old trees have declined worldwide, so it is great to have them on the farm.   


In 2023 we installed Owl boxes on some of the trees and hope to have young owl families soon.

Every year we undertake a planting program of young native trees for future generations.

Some of the Locals

Some of the locals you might be lucky enough to encounter while at Rohans Farm or the local area include:

West European Hedgehog

Long Tailed Tit

Long Eared Owl

Common Buzzard

Long-tailed Tit_edited.jpg
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